Logo design; Shiseido’s activities to solve gender gap issues


Under the mission of "BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD," Shiseido aims to realize a society in which people in different circumstances and environments recognize and respect each other. In particular, we are actively to eliminate gender disparities, which has been a major issue in Japan.

This logo was designed with an awareness of activities aimed at creating a society in which individuals can fully demonstrate their abilities regardless of gender.
In order to recognize gender bias in our daily lives and create a society where each person can live in their own way, we expressed the moment when we noticed the bias, inspired by the moment when a flower bloom.

Regarding the color of the logo, instead of dividing it into blue for men and red for women, we adopted a gradation of blue and red to express diversity and genderless.

Celebrating International Women's Day globally

Last year, due to the impact of COVID-19, we were unable to hold a large-scale event, however, we have actively worked to raise awareness within the company, mainly in Asia and Europe. In Asia, we publish newsletters aimed at raising awareness of gender bias issues and distribute sweets in the shape of logos to create an opportunity to learn about International Women's Day. In Europe, we produced videos sharing employees' gender bias experiences and posters proclaiming Shiseido’s activities for gender equality.

Candy in the shape of Shiseido IWD logos
Shiseido Creative Division
Executive Creative Director
Masato Kosukegawa
Creative Director/Art Director
Yu Miura
Kizuki Nakano
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