Shiseido Parlour Valentine's Day Limited Package


At Shiseido Parlour, Valentine's Day limited edition packaging is popular every year. In Japan, Valentine's Day is widely regarded as an occasion for gifting to show appreciation or affection. Valentine's Day was a Sunday in 2021, and because of the pandemic, we saw potential in gifting to family members and rewarding oneself. We emphasized handcrafted feel and sense of warmth in the design, also with intention to stand out in digital media.


The concept is "Valentine Forest." In the illustrations, cacao trees are depicted along with fruits and other ingredients used in the chocolates. The illustrated lines were printed in black foil, and when looked closely in hand, they have the look of a copper plate. In contrast against a dark chocolate color background, the vivid color palette and illustrations added festivity to the collection on screens and in store.

During the past year, people refrained from meeting with each other. It is our hope that these Valentine's Day treats add delight to snacking during quality family time, perhaps even at online tea parties.

Shiseido Creative Division
Creative Director
Yoji Nobuto
Art Director / Designer
Ayami Tokuhisa
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