In 2020, the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to rethink the way live and spend time at home. For many families, the time spent together at home grew exponentially.

Shiseido Parlour's installation "HOME TREE" was displayed midst the winter holidays of 2020 in the windows of the Shiseido Parlour Building, Ginza, Tokyo. An array of small, decorated rooms symbolized the quintessential quality home time, a silver lining of the pandemic. The many rooms, with its interiors and shapes, portrayed diversity and, as a whole, towered up to form a tree while also looking like an urban building.

Pure white materials were used for the snow scenery outside the rooms. We selected styrene foam, a common material used when packaging products at the store, so that post-exhibition, they could be recycled into products like thermal insulators for housing.

We also had a monitor that simultaneously showed the viewer looking into the window, giving the viewer the illusion of finding the miniature version of her/himself inside the installation.

"HOME TREE" was displayed in December 2020 - January 2021.

Executive Creative Director
Yoji Nobuto
Art Director / Designer
Eriko Kobayashi
Sachiko Takamine
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