Cover "We're"


Our cover graphics are designed by Shiseido's creative division members. This is Cover No.1 by Misaki Nagatake.


Our theme product is:
"We're" from 1994-2016(discontinued)

The product concept:
"We're" is a catalyst of scent that connects people. It is a fragrance that communicates feelings without words, bringing individuals together from "I" to "We."

Characteristics of the product:
Floral and woody. Touches of fresh fruits and flowers in harmony with woody notes. The enveloping warmth and softness speak for its user's internal strength and kindness, even lowering walls between people.

Why did you choose "We’re” as the theme?
Ever since I saw the product at the corporate museum, I fell in love with its packaging. I chose this product because it brings me back memories of how I felt, enthusiastic about the days to come then. It was disappointing that the product had already been continued, but I'm glad to be able to feature "We're" again on the site. I think the concept of being a "catalyst of scent that connects people" and "From Individuals (I) to Us (We)" is very interesting.

Any comments about the cover graphic design?
I designed with the site's renewal and the new year "2020" in mind. I also have hopes that good design will stand the test of time, no matter how people may change.

What are your current interests?
I watch Samoyeds every chance I have. Their chubby legs and white eyelashes are irresistible. I've even visited pet stores where there are puppies. They are rare in Japan but I would love to have one.

Misaki Nagatake
Shiseido Creative Division
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