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Shiseido has been producing fragrances since 1917 and has long conducted fragrance research.

The output from such research activities has led to the understanding that fragrances work on the autonomic nervous system, improve concentration in the brain, help to relax, and promote better sleep. Hence, by harnessing Shiseido's knowhow of fragrances, we felt that it would be possible to enrich the time that busy women spend in their homes.


BliScent is a unique device, produced by combining two types of technology.

One is a sensing technology for autonomic nervous system, which measures the user's heart rate and fluctuations in heart rhythms through an app, in order to evaluate the user's stress level.

The second is a technology that blends and diffuses aromas on the spot.

A cartridge containing six different aromas discharges mists of necessary amounts of aromatics, corresponding to input from a program.

This program uses an algorithm based on Shiseido's fragrance research work. In this way, a blend recipe that corresponds with the user's stress levels is produced. BliScent learns from user feedback and blends more than 3,000 types of unique scents in order to produce the most preferred scent.

1.Choose your current mood from three options.
2.Measure your stress level with your smartphone's flash and camera.
3.Select your activity from six options.
4.A blend recipe is created by a unique algorithm.
The necessary amounts of aromatics are discharged from a cartridge that contains six different aromas, according to the program.
Shiseido Creative Division
Masaki Hanahara
Yuka Nagasaki
Collaboration with
dricos, Inc.
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