Introductory video for TeleBeauty

Our working styles are becoming increasingly diversified due to women's advancement in society and the progress of technology. Focusing on the concept of telecommuting, which is expected to spread even further going forward, we have designed digital content to provide positive support for working women.

This application was developed by combining Shiseido's makeup simulation technology with online meeting systems. By using the application, you appear as though you are wearing makeup to the person viewing your image on the screen, even when you are not.

With the cooperation of Microsoft Japan, it is now possible to use the application through Skype for Business. In order to further meet the needs of consumers, trial operation has also commenced in companies and corporations that promote telecommuting.

Here we introduce the features of the application and a concept video showing it in use. Aspiring to solve social issues through our creative power. This is the proposal of the Shiseido Advertising and Design Department.

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