BEYOND TIME: A time-travel experience that changes how we see each other


The Shiseido Global Innovation Center (known as S/PARK,) the research institute and experiential space, opened its doors in Yokohama Minato Mirai 21. On its ground floor is BEYOND TIME, an immersive installation that lets two people travel in time through real-time age simulations. The experience, made possible by a custom-made age engine, is unique in helping people get a little closer to seeing what time travel would look like on the faces of someone close to them.

Faces, diverse in age, changing in real time.

The project leverages facial data that Shiseido has acquired through long years of extensive scientific research - from natural sciences and applied sciences to dermatology, sensitivity engineering and immunology. It analyzed how spots, freckles and wrinkles are formed in 3D facial data, in order to model average faces from ages 10 to 80. A collaboration between Shiseido and R/GA Tokyo (headquartered in New York), the project uses latest technology to develop a scientifically accurate, full 3D, real-time Age Simulation engine.

BEYOND TIME starts by two people registering their age, gender, and relation to each other, and entering separate sections of the installation. Then the faces are scanned. More than 1,300 coordinates are mapped in 3D, then composited with average faces of age groups, showing in the monitor the users' real-time-generated faces in various ages.

The two participants alternately select companion's age and engage in conversations via the monitor screens that show the companion's generated face. BEYOND TIME helps them engage by giving starter questions. You can go back in time to their school days and exchange memories from youth. Or in your older selves, you can talk of who you dream of becoming. Or if you each select to be the companion's age you may see a new side to your companion that you could not before. The experience is designed so that people step out of the installation with a new appreciation for each other in the present.

Recognizing our biases based on appearance and age

BEYOND TIME is different from existing age simulation apps and common interactive mirrors because it uses technology not merely for identification, but to provoke emotions in human relationships. No matter how intimate a relationship may be, whether it be a couple or family, we all have things that we leave unsaid. The act of changing age serves as a catalyst for recognizing the humanity in each other; aging also changes the inner being, not just appearances.

Meanwhile you may also realize that you unknowingly hold biases toward people, making judgements by age, title, gender, facade and so on. BEYOND TIME helps put these biases to light and change perceptions, even change the way we connect with others.

After the time-travel experience, you can download photos of older and younger selves. Why not come down for a mind-changing experience, following up with coffee at the S/PARK café?

The Team


Location:S/PARK ground floor
2 min. walk from the Minatomirai line Shintakashima Station
1-2-11 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 220-0011

Open hours:11:00 - 17:30(13:30 - 15:00 Closed for system maintenance)
Closed Sundays and public holidays
Duration:approx 10 minutes

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