A local date with Nana Komatsu: New primer promotion with 12 Japanese city-date ideas


Air Feel Maker is a new primer from the makeup brand Integrate. For the product promotion, our task was to create approachable online content that communicated the product's effectiveness in summertime and arouse target's interest.

Based on the insight that women worry about makeup coming off on hot and humid summer days, a series of 12 videos introduces the solution with an entertaining twist. The Date Plan Boy, in a time-slipped 80s pop style, presents to actress Nana Komatsu three date location ideas for each of the 12 cities in Japan.

Along with the date plans, which were in themselves useful as sort-of city guides, the videos illustrated Nana Komatsu turning worry-free about makeup smears, thanks to the aid of Air Feel Maker primer. The concept was developed with production team at Paragon and Caviar's Yusuke Tanaka directed the videos.

A local date with Nana Komatsu (Sapporo, Hokkaido) 40 sec

A local date with Nana Komatsu (Kyoto) 40 sec

A local date with Nana Komatsu (Fukuoka) 40 sec

On the brand site microsite, we tagged the nationwide date spots of the 12 cities and linked to their official sites.
See microsite here http://www.shiseido.co.jp/ie/lp/afm19.html

People responded on social media with positive comments about the light-hearted videos and tweeted their original local date spot ideas under #小松菜奈を地元デートに誘ってみた件 (GoingOutWithNanaKomatsuOnALocalDate.) Stores and malls that took part in the product campaign also promoted local city spots, contributing at large to regional activation. Results were also positive. Sales recorded 180% against previous year; The primers became quickly out of stock in some stores.

Shiseido Creative Division
Rie Sakai
Digital Director
Yuika Shiba
Aya Ueki
Maki Kobayashi
P (Producer)
Yayoi Kanbayashi
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