Film-type supplement "Lämmin" co-created by researchers and creators, trying to get crowdfunded


Shiseido’s researchers and designers had worked together and developed the film-type supplement, "Lämmin", which can be your new habit that will wake you up in a snap when it matters. This has been under development since early last year as part of a program called fibona, in which Shiseido employees create beauty innovations through the fusion of knowledge from people in side and outside of Shiseido.

We are currently accepting support purchases at Makuake, a crowdfunding platform. (Until 18:00 on March 14, 2021)

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<Creator’s Comment>
Maria Hirokawa (Designer):
This is a new beauty proposal that focuses on making people beautiful from inner body and mind.

Yukino Miyazawa (Copywriter):
I hope you can spend your days a little brighter with this unique supplement that focuses on facial impressions.

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