MY CRAYON PROJECT received Brand Experience Highest Award at Dentsu Advertising Awards


MY CRAYON PROJECT received the highest brand experience award at the 73rd Dentsu Advertising Awards.


"skin color" is a word that exists in Japanese. But what really is "skin color?" This project has started with this simple question. Just as each person has a different personality, each person has different skin color. If there are 7 billion people on the planet, there should be 7 billion different skin colors. And the word of "skin color" should refer to a color that each person owns. Since Shiseido has been an expert on the research of the skin, we came up with the idea of rethinking each person's "individuality" through the lens of "skin." To this end, Members of Creative Division and GIC had held on-site lessons at elementary schools.

▼Comment on the award from Shiseido Creative division member, Masato Kosukegawa:
I am very happy that this project was selected from among the many candidate works. In elementary school classes, there are always discoveries, and we often learn from the reactions of children. Currently, due to the impact of novel coronavirus, we have not been able to hold any classes, but we are planning to resume the classes soon, so please contact us if you are interested.

Activities at an elementary school.

MY CRAYON PROJECT received the highest brand experience award at the 73rd Dentsu Advertising Awards.
The Advertising Dentsu Award is the oldest comprehensive advertising award started in Japan in 1947. By commending advertisers who have practiced excellent advertising communication, this award aims to help them solve their problems and contribute to the development of Japanese industry, economy, and culture. The selection is made by a selection committee consisting of about 500 advertisers, media companies, creators, and experts from all over the country. And the advertisements were evaluated from the perspective of "whether it has the power to move the heart of the target", "whether it conveys the strategy of the advertiser", and "whether it conveys the spirit of challenge". In addition, the evaluation was conducted according to the standards set by the department.

Out of the total of 1,398 entries submitted to this selection, the winning works were selected as follows.

Shiseido Creative Division
Creative Director
Masato Kosukegawa
Digital Planner
Nodoka Kagaya
Hokuto Ishikawa
Art Director
Ayumi Nishimoto
R/GA Tokyo
Creative Director
George Sugitomo
Naru Kudo
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